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Regular checks, updates and backups can help prevent problems before they occur.

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When things go wrong, or just break - from general to critical we can help.

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Including laptops, desktops, all types of networking and even game consoles.

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Installation Services

Including laptops, desktops, all types of networking and even game consoles.

Whether it's a Mac or PC, Apple or Microsoft, old or new, working or not, we can be there to help you get the most out of the system available to you. Also available within our services is setting up game consoles (xbox, playstation), Modems, Routers, network switches, Steam boxes, new TV's or even your old VCR, we are always happy to come take a look and help where we can. As part of our installation services we are happy to answer any questions about your new product and can even provide some training and education for anyone that might be having trouble trying to use it.

Just purchased a new computer?

If you have a new computer ready to take out of the box we can be there to help you get the best setup from day 1. Some improvements can be to boost performance by removing the "bloatware" that comes with any branded computer system in modern times, we can also modify the default settings of your operating system to tailor the computer's functions to your needs.

Is your current computer needing a refresh?

Somtimes a current computer may simply need to be re-installed, refreshed and reset to keep giving that "like new" performance. We can backup up your important data and do a full format and clean install of your operating system, this is also known as the "nuclear" option because it will remove all data on the hard drive. This type of "final solution" may be necassary and quicker in cases with advanced virus infections and critical registry corruptions.


Have you purchased a new device or component and need some help?

A common call we get is when a new device has been purchased and won't work with the older system, this is common with printers and scanners but happens sometimes with phones as well. We can come and do a full diagnostic to confirm compatibility and conduct testing to make sure that everything can work together. In some cases we may recommend the purchase of a new or replacement part and/or an adapater to help make the devices "talk" to each other, when we make a recommendation for further works required you are not obligated to carry out those works as our services will always try to find alternative solutions that fit within your time frame and budget.

So whether you are gearing up after holidays, getting ready to go back to school, looking to get the best performance or simply wanting a 'fresh' feeling on your computer, we can provide installation services that will get your computer ready to tackle anything you throw at it. New parts to be installed for faults or upgrades can always be completed during other services so that when the installation is complete you will have a new perspective on the system in front of you.
For the full terms and conditions of service please see Terms

Parts - Supplied

All parts supplied by inPhase Computers have a warranty which includes the following conditions:
  • To be functional for at least 12 months
  • To be used for their stated purpose only
  • Will be tested before invoice issued
  • Replaced free-of-charge for faults
  • Free diagnostic in case of faults
  • All parts are non-refundable unless fault found.

What this means to say is that where we supply a part during the service, we give that part 12 months warranty from the date of supply. All parts are non-refundable after they have been installed (unless otherwise found to be faulty) as we can not state what damage a faulty component elsewhere in the system has introduced. For example, if we install a new video card, the power supply not installed by us may provide the wrong voltage and destroy the video card.

Parts - Non Supplied

All parts that are not supplied by inPhase Computers have the following conditions:
  • Free diagnostic in case of faults
  • No warranty offered in any case
  • Not held liable for part failure
  • Not held liable for faults caused by the part
  • Installed at standard rates in whole hours

Any and all parts supplied by the customer can not be given any warranty or guarantee by inPhase Computers that it will function for the intended purpose, or even work at all because the history of the part is simply unknown. We will always do our best to find a solution to any problem and will provide recommendations regarding parts.