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Regular checks, updates and backups can help prevent problems before they occur.

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When things go wrong, or just break - from general to critical we can help.

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Including laptops, desktops, all types of networking and even game consoles.

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Service Onsite - Day Time

This is the standard rate of service for all services during the day. This is for general repairs, services, consultation, educational information, instructional lessons and most other onsite services. This rate does not include parts or equipment installed during services.

Service Onsite - Night Time

This is the rate if you require our services for anything listed above, but it occurs during the hours of 1800 to 0600 (overnight). A common reason for this rate is for services and upgrades that must be conducted outside of your normal business hours. Services such as server maintenance, email exports and migratations, system updates and upgrades, device rollouts etc.

Service Offsite - All Hours

The most cost effective option for many clients is to have a system removed from site and returned after work has been completed. This means that the hourly rate is only charged when the technichian is actually working on the system. A frequent reason for this rate is for computers that require a full re-installation of windows, the system will take 2 hours to install a package and will need to be prompted to install the next device, this option is normally for non-critical systems only.

Backup Services - Monthly
This is a most common backup service requested: A technichian will visit your site once a month with an external drive dedicated for that client and manually copy over requested data. This external drive is then removed from site in case of critical threats to your business. We do offer an automated service but this is quoted separately for each client.

Price List

  Description Price Minimum Charge
Service - Onsite Between 0600 to 1800 $99 P/H 1 hour
Service - Onsite Between 1800 to 0600 $198 P/H 1 hour
Service - Offsite all hours $33 P/H 1 hour
Installation - Parts Non Supplied $99 P/H 1 hour
Installation - Parts Supplied $0 P/H included in services
Consultation On Site $99 P/H 1 hour
Consultation Over Phone $0 P/H Free
Backup Onsite Monthly $99 P/M 1 Month
Backup Offsite Monthly By Contract Only As per Contract
External Hard Drive 1 TB - USB A $99.00 Price Per Unit
USB Thumb Drive 16 GB - USB A $29.00 Price Per Unit
Powerboard UPS 850VA $295.00 Price Per Unit