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Regular checks, updates and backups can help prevent problems before they occur.

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When things go wrong, or just break - from general to critical we can help.

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Including laptops, desktops, all types of networking and even game consoles.

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Why is Maintenance Important?

Like everything in life, good maintenance prevents problems.

Computers are no different to cars, they need regular checkups, frequent tune ups and occasional parts replaced over time.

By getting a computer technician every now and again to take a look at your system, you can improve working speed and reduce down time by preventing problems before they become critical. This means lower costs over time and an increase in productivity.

Computer Care Tips

Anyone can relate to that feeling when you just deleted a file and need to get it back, or perhaps you have had a hard drive just stop working, these things happen to everyone and the best way to protect yourself is to make regular backups. We can show you how during our onsite visit.

Anti Virus
Any computer is able to be infected by a virus, sometimes it can even be installed by the user because they think it is a needed program or from a link they have seen in an email, by using up-to-date anti virus software you can minmise the impact of a hostile program.

In many cases you can set updates for your computer to run overnight so you don't have to stop what you are doing during the day to get it done, our technician can show you how and when your updates are happening, and if needed change them to a better time of day for you.

By far the most common reason for a computer to stop working or die, is just due to poor ventialation. This can be caused by dust build up inside the vents, or if the computer is being used in a closed space where the heat cannot escape, or in places where there is just poor airflow. Keeping your computer cool will greatly improve performance and the life span of your hardware.