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Regular checks, updates and backups can help prevent problems before they occur.

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When things go wrong, or just break - from general to critical we can help.

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Including laptops, desktops, all types of networking and even game consoles.

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Repair Services

Things break, it's a fact of life, when they do it helps to know that everything can be fixed.

The first step in any type of repair is working out what caused it in the first place, otherwise it is likely to repeat. Parts can be replaced for a similar or same type but in many cases a repair may involve replacing a part with newer type and model. An example of this may be a video card that has failed and would need to be replaced by something that is available on the market at the time of the repair.


Working out the exact cause of a failure can be the hardest and longest part of our service. In many cses the symptom and the reason you call us may be very obvious, e.g. computer won't turn on, but that may only be the result of something else.


Replacing the effected parts may be the quicker soluion in the short term but it may not always be the most cost effective. If the parts will only need to be replaced again in the future than you may need a full sysem overhaul and/or a full system replacement.


Over time your computer's registry can become cluttered and full with information of the various programs that have been installed and uninstalled, a virus can also corrupt the registry that can cause a variety of problems from system stability to external devices malfunctioning. A 'refresh' can be simple like removing a virus or program, but can be more invasive that may could mean a reformat is required, in these cases you might be looking at a full re-install but we will always consult with you to work out the best option for you.

The Result
After all work is completed the end result is a stable, working system that helps you get your own work finished. Computers are simply tools of the modern day and you should always have them at their best to be able to help you the most. Even if you just call us for diagnostics or a consultation about your situation, we hope to always find a solution to any problem.

Parts - Supplied

All parts supplied by inPhase Computers have a warranty which includes the following conditions:
  • To be functional for at least 12 months
  • To be used for their stated purpose only
  • Will be tested before invoice issued
  • Replaced free-of-charge for faults
  • Free diagnostic in case of faults
  • All parts are non-refundable unless fault found.

What this means to say is that where we supply a part during the service, we give that part 12 months warranty from the date of supply. All parts are non-refundable after they have been installed (unless otherwise found to be faulty) as we can not state what damage a faulty component elsewhere in the system has introduced. For example, if we install a new video card, the power supply not installed by us may provide the wrong voltage and destroy the video card.

Parts - Non Supplied

All parts that are not supplied by inPhase Computers have the following conditions:
  • Free diagnostic in case of faults
  • No warranty offered in any case
  • Not held liable for part failure
  • Not held liable for faults caused by the part
  • Installed at standard rates in whole hours

Any and all parts supplied by the customer can not be given any warranty or guarantee by inPhase Computers that it will function for the intended purpose, or even work at all because the history of the part is simply unknown. We will always do our best to find a solution to any problem and will provide recommendations regarding parts.